Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I see about 30-40 plays/performances a year in Germany. I am continually amazed at how the theater landscape here changes. So far on this trip (since last Friday) I've seen Kafka's "Trial" which was amazing, "Ehrensache" by Hübner, Schimmelpfennig's newest play "Ideomeneus", and "Radio Muezzin". Of those plays, really only "Ehrensache" was written and performed as a play in dialogue. Each one of these, however, was interesting in its own right. Last night's performance was about and by Muezzins in Egypt (the men who do the call to prayer). The singing/call to prayer was so incredibly beautiful that it is still in my ears. I am so impressed how Germans fill every theater. Other than a few empty seats here and there, each theater is filled on a nightly basis (of the above shows, I bought our tickets well in advance with the exception of the Schimmelpfennig, for which we got the last seats in the house on the morning of the show). Tonight is the last show of the "Theatertreffen" that we have some tickets for.

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