Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eine Woche

Berlin is an amazing city. Within the city, there are "Kiez"-es (my German to English pluralization). Each Kiez in Berlin is like every separate part of New York City, e.g. Manhattan, Bronx, and so on. The only difference is that each of these Kietzes were renovated (if at all) at different times in the development of the city, especially after the unification. The subway system acts as a time machine.The differences between subway stops is ridiculous. Kreuzberg (where I stayed my first night) is stuck in the 80s while Friedrichstrasse looks just as new as Times Square of New York City.

Currently, we are staying in a "hip" area off of Rosenthalerstrasse. This area is littered with cafés, clubs of all varieties, and people yet to be met. In the next week or so I plan on delving into the wilderness, not just immediately about me, but all over. Hallo, Berlin.

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