Tuesday, May 5, 2009

German sirens are twice as annoying...

I've been in Deutschland for almost a week now. This is my third time over, so that refreshing nostalgia from the fun times of before mixes with the new experiences in an awesome way that only happens for me here in Germany.

That being said, this is also the first time for me being here with a bit of the language under my belt, and this is the most interesting thing for me right now. Before, being in a country surrounded by people that I couldn't understand at all was a huge thrill. Now, while it is awesome to be able to understand a strong percentage of what they are saying, a bit of the magic that Germany had for me is gone now that I am less of an 'outsider' by language.

German is no longer an alien language for me, and that excitement and awe of being around it has been almost entirely replaced by a sort of frustration of wanting to understand more. The closer I get to completely understanding a sentence of spoken german without getting everything, the swifter my own mental kick in the pants comes after realizing that I knew that word but didnt remember it. My psychological rear-end is pretty sore by now.

hmmm, It's a little grey out today. Either way, I'm off to find a Doener

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