Monday, May 11, 2009

Die Raeuber...... very very very cool.... one of the top 5 performances that I've ever seen. The 3 hours flew by. To be honest, the english subtitles helped out a bit, but the ideas of stage direction were beyond genius. It wass the kind of stuff that I would never fit with a playwright like Schiller, yet it was absolutly magical. It was the premire tonight, so there were a few kinks... one being a barefooted actress walking around a shattered beer bottle, and the other being a "hanging" scene where the noose was too high to reach without literally lifting the victim another 5 inches. still amazing though.
Doener Kebaps...... very very very yum.... not as cool as Die Raeuber by any means, but a great way to end a great night. The place down the street has a really good one
I work with my children tomorrow. Excited/nervous/extatic/scaredoutofmymind... updates may follow soon
good night/evening(back in the states)

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