Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ein bisschen alt jetzt..

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

oh ye....
Well, I am about to take off on another Ryan Air flight--this time to Berlin. So far, I am 0 for 2 on good experiences with Ryan Air, so we'll see how this one goes. Fortunately, I unloaded some of my baggage on Mackenzie, so I'm bringing a little less with me, and I'm trying to look as unsuspicious as possible so that I get right through security! I also need to be there early, because certain security persons take quite a long time to search through every little detail in one's bag. I guess I will be happy and sad to leave Frankfurt because I feel quite comfortable here, but sometimes my uncle forgets that I'm not 5 years old anymore. Trying to find a happy medium can sometimes be interesting. I made it into the city and back today to visit a few old friends and I also made a visit to the cemetary to visit my opa and oma's grave. I am looking forward to seeing all of you when I get there! I hope Mackenzie arrived safely, as well, since this is the first time we have traveled separately :( Bis bald!

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