Monday, May 11, 2009

I have arrived

Yes! I am here.   I arrived late into Berlin- flight was delayed and I walked out of the gate area without my luggage- so I had to wait for them to bring it to me.  American moment #1!!! I had no idea that Berlin doesn't have a general "Baggage Claim" area- rather, you get your baggage right when you exit the plane (at the gate you arrive at).  My travels were long, but good, and I am happy to be here.  
Although I am running very low on sleep, I am still so excited to be here.  This hostel is awesome! It's really really nice (I had no idea really what to expect- the Hostels I have stayed in before with my boyfriend were not even close to this nice!).

Here are some pics:
This is in the lobby- the elevator :-)                             The girls' room 

Our Hall:
Pretty nice, huh?

Kristen, Mackenzie, and myself walked over to "Good Morning Vietnam" for dinner.  The food was absolutely SPECTACULAR!  Soooo yummy!  I had a wonton type soup and then chicken skewers with mango sauce, veggies, and rice.  We all agreed that we would definitely go there again!  And it wasn't too expensive :-)
I am pretty tired- didn't get much sleep so I think I am going to go to sleep early so I am well rested for our walking tour tomorrow morning.  I am also excited/nervous about meeting the girl I am going to be tutoring.  I have confidence that it will go well and be a lot of fun.  

:-) Bis später.

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