Sunday, May 17, 2009

GRIPS: Lily unter den Linden


We took some of the kids we have been helping to tutor to the theater last night (GRIPS Theater) right in Alexander Platz.  It was really fun to ride the U-Bahn (subway) with them, goofing around and taking pictures.  I had a lot of fun pretending like I was a kid again.

The theater piece itself was interesting...I appreciated the acting, and the set was sweet (background turned like pages turning in a book)- kind of like a big pop-up book.  I can see how it is deemed as "children's theater".  However, I don't think it was sitting at the play that was the best part of last night.  Instead, it was spending some time with the kids and some of their tutors (and, of course, Gilles!).  I really like talking to them and working on my German that way.  It is way different than practicing German by conversing with an adult.  I don't feel as self-conscious to make mistakes, and I know I can ask the kids anything.  Plus, it helps them to see that I make mistakes in German, just like it is okay for them to mistakes in English!  However, not many wanted to speak very much English :-(  

Here are some pics.  I really hope to either keep in touch with some of the kids (or for sure Gilles) and then hopefully visit the next time I am back in Berlin! 

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