Monday, May 11, 2009

A little mix of Italian and Greek

I think my computer is about to die, so I better make this brief...but Kristin and I went to see Antigone tonight, and it was actually a pretty satisfying show. The length was good and the style fit well with the German version of this play. Kristin and I both agreed that Antigone was probably our favorite actress in the play, but some of the older characters did a nice job as well. There was something glossy in Antigone's eyes, and we were wondering if they have some high-gloss eye drops that they sell around here...haha. But she did a good job expressing emotion in the play.

Afterwards, we sort of got lost trying to find Friedrichstrasse (probably because we were talking--it's like the main street in that area), and we stumbled upon a cute Italian restaurant. Being that I have a thing for Italian culture ;) we decided to go in and share some dessert. We ended up getting a tiramisu w/bailey's and a martini each...I've never tried a martini rosso, but it was very good. And the atmosphere was also very cute. Highly recommended...the only problem is you might have to get lost to find it. We could try to draw you a map...Viel Spass morgen!

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  1. haha, if you used high glass eye drops, they could probably see the shine from space. -- another lame big eyes joke, courtesy of Sean