Sunday, May 17, 2009

51 km = 31.7 miles - FAHRRADTOUR (Bike Tour)


Well well.... we all certainly have some sore bums tonight.  We had an amazing experience today that started at 8am.  We went to pick up the bikes that we had been fitted for last week at the Police Station.  These bikes were all made from recycled parts- our tour guide (one of the police officers) said that it normally takes 20 used bikes to make one of these "recycled" bikes.  So, that the entire adventure was interesting from the start on.
Then we met Gilles and others from the community/MORUS family (only 2 kids came).  We felt pretty sweet being led by Police on bike riding thru the city of Neukölln.  We rode shortly to the S-Bahn and took that to Königs Wusterhausen (here's a satellite view of the city:  KÖNIGS WUSTERHAUSEN

Notice all of the green & blue!  The landscape was amazing.  We agreed that it felt like up north in Michigan, but just the houses were different- very beautiful, might I add.   We biked for quite a bit before we settled down for a picnic.  And, after having a feast of their own, the mosquitoes finally let us be :-(
It didn't even feel like we had biked that far because we had stopped so often on the way there.  After lunch, which was very enjoyable and relaxing, we rode shortly to the lake (I'm not 100% which lake this was, but it was beautiful!).  We all enjoyed refreshments with the police and MORUS family.  Then, we were off for our ride back!
We only stopped once on the way back, I think.  A quick sip of water, and off we go!  We were riding in the evening sun- very beautiful (really, no other word besides beautiful, or "schön".  
And, around 6:30pm and 51 kilometers (31.7 miles) later, we were back to S-Bahn and heading back to Neukölln.
We were all pretty spent energie-wise.  Wheww!  What an accomplishment!  And although we were sore and tired, it was sooo worth it.  I really enjoyed it! 
It was really my first taste of summer!  I hope I can bike ride more often this summer in Michigan than last summer....

Dead tired but had a lot of fun!
Peace out for now! 
-die Lauren

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