Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leaving TONIGHT!

Hey Everyone, flight leaves Detroit Metro tonight at 6pm.  I am still finishing up packing and have been nervous/excited ever since graduation.  I have been doing so much to prepare, and I think it will pay off.  I am happy that everyone is there and having a good time already.  I can't wait to join in!  
I am particularly excited about meeting the kids and connecting with them.  I expect that to be my favorite part of the trip, with the bike tour coming in a close second (Janet, were you able to get me a helmet? Let me know- thanks!!!).  
I just checked the 10-day forecast, and it looks like they are predicting rain only for this Friday now (a couple days ago, it was like predicted rain every other day!). 
There are a couple things I need to get straightened out when I get to Germany.  Unfortunately, I don't think that I'll be able to make the meeting with the Green Party Rep.  So, I will most likely head to the hostel so I can rest.  I have been notorious for going to Germany and not being able to adjust to the time for a whole week- so, it's imperative that I sleep so that I can function tomorrow evening.
I can write more about my expectations later.  Mostly, I expect to balance fun and exploration with unique opportunities and important cultural experiences.  I expect to have one of the best and most unique experiences that I have ever have.  I expect to improve my practical & "everyday" German skills, as well as boost my confidence in the language.  I also expect to be able to get around no problem (if not at first, then by the end of the trip).  I look forward to reporting and reflecting about it all on this blog and in my journal.  
I hope family members/friends can keep up with this awesome blog!  Such a great idea....
See you all soon!


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