Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arrival in Berlin

Bob and I just got back from dinner. Dönner kebap is definitely as good as everyone says. Anyway, the flight went well. On a note totally unrelated to the purpose this blog, I watched Gran Torino on the flight and thought it was one of the best films I've seen lately. Watch it if you get a chance. I ended up seeing Bob at the airport in Amsterdam and we sorted out the confusion with the hostel. (I discovered shortly before my flight that we were actually booked at a different hostel than we thought). I'm finding it relatively easy to converse and do simple things like buy food, but I still feel like a foreigner. Hopefully once I get some rest, I'll be a little better with my German.

Tomorrow, we're going to meet up with Kristen at the other hostel, do some exploring and hopefully see the Andrew Bird concert. As I said, I'm hoping to get a little more confident with my German and use it for more than just ordering food for asking for directions.

I was hoping to post something right before my departure, but like always (unfortunately) I was rushing to pack and it got too crazy. Anyway, all the nerves I had before leaving soon turned into excitement, and after seeing that my German wasn't as bad as I thought, and walking around the city, I'm feeling even more excited. This really is going to be a great trip. If the hostel at tomorrow's destination has internet I'll try to check back in.

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