Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am looking forward to Berlin and to sharing the city with my students. I've been to Berlin many times, and I learn so much each time I go. I am pleased that most of my students have never been to the city (only one has) because I can watch them discover the city for the first (or second) time. We have great opportunities as a group. We will have tours led by the finest experts and we will have direct contact with the community of Neukölln through our tutoring project, working with elementary school children. We'll also see some great theater and put our own learning in a meaningful context.

Berlin is a city of many contrasts and I love observing these and reflecting on them. I love the feeling of Berlin. It is a big city, and yet each Kiez has its own charm and flair. In Berlin, I feel a heightened awareness of history, and at the same time it is a place where one can really live in the moment. There is an excitement and liveliness about the city, the theater and museums are fantastic, and the city is cosmopolitan and diverse. At the same time that the city is hopping and awake, it feels a little lazy and beckons one to lay back. I can't possibly choose what I most look forward to: theater, interactions with communities, learning from hosts, seeing my students' excitement, my favorite eating spots, seeing some close friends, making new friends, and reflecting on it all.

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  1. If I were not teaching this spring, I would have accompanied the class on this trip. It looks very exciting and enriching. I wish I was going to be with you. Savor this opportunity and maximize this experience. You won't soon forget it!