Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Day in Potsdam

A few days ago we took a trip to Potsdam, and I didn't realize how much walking we were going to do that day! I think it was good for me, though, because every tour since then has seemed like a breeze! We definitely don't cover that much ground every day, but that's probably also why I took so many pictures in Potsdam. I don't want to include all of them, but I wanted to put a few up, so that you get an idea of some of the things we have seen. This trip has been amazing so far. There has been so much to do that I barely have time to sit down and write something down here, but I'm trying to document my trip as much as possible through pictures and in my journal. I feel like I have learned more culture and history in about a week here in Berlin than I could have for a whole semester sitting in a classroom. Anyways, take a look at some of the sights...

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