Saturday, May 2, 2009

a favorite place

Cafe Bilderbuch is a favorite place to go. A great location in Schöneberg on a favorite street (Akazienstrasse), comfy sofas and chairs, good food, and no rush.

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  1. Dear Janet,
    yes Café Bilderbuch is wonderful!
    I have asked if you guys can come to a rehearsal,
    but we have only started rehearsing and so there still has not been a consensus between director and actors so far, but I am waiting for an answer by tomorrow Thursday. We are preparing a different version of Alice in Wonderland with three clowns working with the material. Rehearsals are in German and English.
    When and were can I see you guys?
    The only shows I will be having are on Saturday 16th during the day but they will be dance and music improvisations at street fairs in Neukölln.
    Best from Bridge